Can I Use a Projector in a Light Room?

projector room

The answer depends on the situation. The room is not the only thing that is responsible for seeing a sight of projection. There are mainly three factors that can answer this question appropriately. Using a projector in a lightroom depends upon the color of the projection wall, the light of the room, and the types of screen. Let’s see how these affect our Projector.

Color of the Light

The order of the color according to wavelength is known to us. Generally, for every household purpose, the white color bulb is used. But if we talk about parties and restaurants or clubs and pubs then we encounter various types of color. That very much affects the real color of the projected light on the screen. Like, if your screen is green in color and you projected red light on it then it will appear as a yellow color. Then it will make no sense to that image. So, watching a projector in a bright room is only possible when the light is white.

Types of Screen

Selecting a screen is a very crucial step when you want to buy a projector. The screen should be smooth enough to reflect appropriately. The screen should be a plane. Buying a projector screen will be the best. You can use the wall of your room also but to make that possible you need to make it as like as a screen. You can use sandpaper and velvet paper to make it smooth.

selecting a screen

Colors of The Screen

Wall or projector screen whatever it is, you need to first confirm the color. Because it matters the most. Like the example given in types of screen points. Choosing a white colored back screen is best. The white screen has the best reflection of power. Some say that black is best but it will only help you to understand the shape of an object. But it will not be visible to you completely because black absorbs every wavelength. So if you want both of these in proper ratio then choose a silver screen.

These three points are the keys to this problem. If you are planning to make a room for the projector only then keep these points in mind and do it. So that only you can use your room as a projector room and can get the fun of enjoying the show.