Projection on Wall vs Screen

When it comes to projection then choosing a screen is best over choosing a wall. Now there are various reasons which act as a supporting statement. But there is no need to worry if you don’t have the arrangements for the screen.  Here in this article, we will see what are the consequences of using protection on wall vs screen and what are the methods to use a wall as a screen.

What are The Consequences of Using Wall Vs Screen?

To understand the differences in projection on wall vs screen, we first need to know the rules of light. The intensity, reflection, and power of absorption are everything. And while we are planning to use a wall or screen, we need to make sure that our motive is successful.

protection on wall

While the question is,  what is better between screen and wall to project the light then the first thing, needs to be explained is reflection. A screen is specially made with a smooth surface whether it is quite impossible to make a wall 100% smooth. If the place of projection is not smooth enough then it will create disturbance to see some portions. Then come the color and shape of the wall. Though it is not a big issue to make a wall colored if the shape is not plane then it will be the reason for blurry and hazy projection.

This is why using a screen is always the best choice.

How to Convert a Wall into Screen?

Note that,  you can’t convert a wall into a screen fully. But here are some ideas by which you can reduce the difference between projection on a wall and a screen. The techniques are as follows.

  • Make the wall smoother than it was before. You can make it smooth by using sandpaper and velvet papers.
  • Make the color white or silver. White and silver colors are the best to reflect the images. Using plastic paint for that purpose will help you.
  • Make sure the surface is not parabolic at all. It may damage your image. Make ready a fully planned screen.

These three tricks can help you to make a wall into a screen of almost 90%. At last,  the best recommendation for projection is always the screen. It will not cost too much that it will cost for the conversion. Using a screen will also be best for your eyes. Select your choice along with the needs.