What Kind of Computer Do I Need for Video Editing?

video editing

For editing purposes, you always need to have a great quality computer, there are a few points that you should consider while choosing a computer for video editing.

As we all know, a desktop is the best option for editing a video but it is not possible to carry it everywhere. Especially in the case of a filmmaker, a desktop cannot be carried everywhere, there are few tips for picking out the perfect laptop for video editing given below.


The most important thing that should be considered while video editing is storage. You should choose the right drive, having good size and speed enables you for great editing.

Why choose a high-speed drive.

You should choose a high-speed drive because all the edited video gets saved in the drive. And if the storage doesn’t have high speed then it will take a lot of time to access the saved files. It will also take a long duration in exporting the files. If you want to get a drive for video editing purposes then you should get an SSD hard drive because they have high speed as compared to other drives.

Importance of size in video editing

video editing

Another most considered thing about choosing a laptop for editing is it’s hard to drive’s size. If you are using the desktop for editing then it is easy to use external hard drives to save the edited files. But if you want to get a video editing laptop then you must consider that it has an appropriate size hard drive. It is not that easy to add an external hard drive to a laptop. It’s the main reason why you should get a huge sized hard drive. Sometimes you delete various footage and you want it in future, so you take care that your hard drive has enough size to enable you to get it restored.

Importance of good processor

If you like to work with a different application at the same time then you surely need to have a good processor. If you are editing a high-quality video then must have a great processor to avoid collision of the laptop. You keep in mind that the quad-core processor is not always better than the dual-core processor.

Significance of the Graphics Card

In a laptop, the Graphics Card changes the footage data into the pixel. A very quick Graphics card is a very important part of the video editing laptop.