Is a Projector Better Than a TV for Eyes?

TV is surely a wonderful invention. But when it comes to watching it with a full family sometimes, the screen is not large enough to have a perfect look. In a general sense, to make this view larger than before, the project came into the market. Now it helps to show the scenes on a large screen. But here the question arises, Is watching projectors safer than TVs for eyes? Yes, it is. If you are suffering from an eye disease because of TV then using a projector is best for you.

If we start explaining the benefits of using a projector for eyes then there are lots of. But if we want to converge into smaller parts and try focusing only on the safety part then the reasons are as follows.

TV screen

From TV, the radiation is emitted and goes directly into our eyes. Now if we go through the mechanism of radiation emission process of a TV then we can see that there are so many harmful infrared radiations that may cause damage in the eye muscles. But for the projector, it is just a reflection. So it will not cause any harm to your eyes by emitting radiations directly to your eyes.

This point is also related to the first one. In the modern era so many high-resolution TVs have been released. This provides a great experience of views but it also causes a strain for our eyes. The pixels are the unit that makes a TV more powerful. As the pixel size decreases, the resolution will increase automatically. The projector will give you the same experience but without any strain to eyes. You can also fix the size by yourself.

watching projectors

TV has a small source of light. So when it comes to our eyes then it diverges into a small region while the projector diverges it into a wide portion. So, maybe the light will be quite lame but the view and eyes will be intact. Though this depends on the room size, the color of the room, the color of the screen, and so on.

But it is confirmed that using a projector is better than using a TV. Nowadays, to give a presentation or any kind of public conferences, projectors are used. There is no need to put your eyes in difficulties by trying hard to read the small letters on a TV screen. Choose the projector instead of a TV, will be healthy for the eyes.